What is your minimum age?
We require our particpants to be at least four. 

What are your prices?
Qualifying lessons are $35 all others are $50.

Where are you located?
We are north of paper mill about 10 minutes, just off of 29, in Cantonment.

How often do participants come?
Most students come once per week, but some come twice per week, and some come every other week. 

How many students are in one session?
Our lessons are 1:1, so only your student will be in the lesson with the instructor.

How long is each lesson?
Each lesson is approximately 1 hour, with 30 minutes of mounted time and 30 minutes of grooming, tacking, and ground work. 

Do you offer any public riding or trail riding?
No, we are a lesson facility. 

Do you accept insurance?
No, insurance does not cover this type of riding. Hippotherapy and counseling sessions on horseback riding may be covered and we can give you referrals to those types of facilities, but we focus on actual horseback riding. 

Do you accept the Step-Up Scholarship?
We are not a direct payee facility, however, you can apply for reimbursement and we will happily get you the invoice and receipt required for this. 

Can we get a sponsor?
YES! As a non-profit, we can accept tax-deductible donations. You can certianly fundraise for you/your child's lessons and we will provide tax receipts. 

Are there opportunities for my student to compete when they are ready?
YES! We particpate in both virtual and live shows and do our best to include everyone who wants to particpate.