Lesson Information


What does a typical lesson look like?
The short answer is.... that depends! It depends on the participant and what they are looking to accomplish. We offer both english and western instruction, as well as unmounted lessons. Because lessons are typically 1:1, the instructional time is tailored directly to the particpant. 

Private and Semi-Private lessons are available to fit your schedule. All lessons are with an instructor who has over twenty-five years experience working with both children and adults. 

We do not offer group lessons, as we believe in a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of students to instructor. 

Private lessons are 30 minutes of mounted time and are one-on-one.

Semi-Private lessons are 45 minutes of mounted time, consist of 2 participants, and are conducted only with instructor approval. Instructor may match students with similar ability levels. 

We also offer unmounted lessons upon request or during severe weather. 

Lessons are also available to non-qualifying participants.

Qualifying Life Horse lessons are $35, all others begin at $50

If you are a qualifying participant, and need financial assistance, please click here