Mission and Vision


Mission Statement
At Life Horse, we believe that true empowerment comes through education. Our mission is to create engaging and educational activities that foster health, wellness, transferable and adaptable working skills, as well as self-reliance and autonomy, all within a supportive and familial learning environment. We recognize that knowledge is only powerful when applied effectively.

Through our carefully researched, cross-curricular program, we teach interpersonal skills, social skills, and job skills, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. We employ objective measures, research-based methodologies, and promote advancement, implementation, and spirituality to nurture personal growth and inspire lifelong learning. Our program also focuses on enhancing emotional intelligence, enabling participants to become highly functioning members of society and increasing their future employability. We embrace challenges and strive to help our students reach their full potential, with a strong emphasis on diversity, inclusion, equity, and support in a therapeutic environment.

Our organization is committed to building a strong partnership between horses and students. We facilitate activities that prioritize the safety of everyone involved and ensure enriching experiences for individuals of all ages. Within our nurturing environment, we foster unlimited growth and provide a system in which individuals can thrive, experiencing transformation through high-quality equine-centered activities.

By driving the future in equine horsemanship, we aim to establish a community where individuals with similar personal experiences can bond over common interests. Utilizing the horse's natural spirit, safe environment, and compassionate, intuitive nature, we promote hope, renewal, growth, and therapeutic horsemanship. Through these efforts, we strive to uncover and reignite amazing traits in individuals that may have been overshadowed or lost in the complexities of life. We firmly believe that horses provide a partnership that inspires the discovery of trust, freedom, strength, and hope.

Vision Statement

Providing impactful life lessons through an educational equine experience.