"My daughter is eight years old and has global developmental delays and a chromosomal deletion. She has been in therapy since before she was three years old, including Speech, occupational and physical therapy. In the short time, since she has started riding at Life Horse, we have seen improvement in her core strength, speech, and confidence. This organization is providing a wonderful and needed service to the community."

"Life Horse is a judgement free barn. The trainer is focused on ensuring all riders are safe, receive the individual attention and experience they deserve. When you are done with your lesson you leave with a love for horses, a feeling of accomplishment and a smile on your face and thinking about the next time you get to ride your favorite horse and see Stacy!"

"When I first spoke with Stacy seeking therapeutic horseback riding for my son, he was 8 years old. I did not realize 22 years ago that my son’s acceptance into LifeHorse would become the most effective and helpful form of therapy for him. Through hospitalizations, medications, group, and individual therapy there is no better place for my son to go when he needs to heal and feel better.
Michael started with LifeHorse when Stacy and her facility was in Michigan, and when she reopened LifeHorse in Virginia. Now at 30 years old Michael will be moving to Florida soon with the hopes of stepping back into LifeHorse. Not only for the many therapeutic ways the horses and Stacy helps him but for the wonderful feeling he gets from helping others at LifeHorse.
 As Michael grew into teenage years and adulthood, he continued to be a LifeHorse volunteer, helping other LifeHorse children by teaching them what he learned from Stacy in grooming, care of the horses and riding along with learning a strong work ethic. I will never forget the first time I was able to watch Michael help to give a lesson. His own struggles were replaced by smiles and compassion for the little girl that was a bit scared riding a horse for the first time. As Michael lead her and the horse into the rink he stopped and spoke with her saying, “don’t worry, I will be right here by your side”.
To be at the barn and all that LifeHorse encompasses Michael has learned and experienced the pride of accomplishments, compassion, empathy, positive social interactions, the value of hard work, paying it forward and how the bond of a special horse can bring so much love.
 To speak of LifeHorse would not be complete without speaking with much pride of our founder, Stacy. Stacy’s life has involved becoming very instrumental not only in her clients at LifeHorse lives but the many, many students that have passed through her classrooms in her years of teaching. Stacy would “go to the wall” for any student that she realized needed extra help or was special needs. With her constant communication, advocating, teaching, and support with parents, students, staff, and clients it is truly a blessing to have Stacy in your corner. Her exceptional skills as a horsewoman and trainer in every disciple allows clients to ride in the style they are comfortable in, while exploring and learning all aspects of horsemanship and the care of horses.   
This special program is like no other in the therapeutic values, life skills and positive reinforcement it brings in a safe and loving environment. LifeHorse truly changes lives!"

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. I learned so much from you. As I sit here at work on my project at work. It reminded me of all the stuff that you taught me. I have been able to get promotion after promotion because of my ability to time manage, work with People and have a willingness to learn and do better. That all came from working in your barn. So thank you!"