Lesson Information

Private, Semi-Private, and Group lessons are available to fit your schedule. All lessons are with a P.A.T.H. certified instructor who has over fifteen years experience working with special needs participants.

Group lessons are one hour, and are in groups of 3-4 participants.

Semi-private lessons are 45 minutes, and consist of 2 participants.

Private lessons are 30 minutes and are one-on-one.

Lessons are also available to non-qualifying participants. All processed from neurotypical lessons benefit LifeHorse.


**Some scholarships are available, please contact us for more information

Children and adults of all ages are accepted into the program and are allowed to participate to their full ability. While some of the participants are too sick to actually ride a horse, they find hope and joy in brushing or feeding or even just sitting on a bale of hay and talking to a horse. Those participants who are strong enough to ride are allowed to progress at their own speed and level. This may mean a child on a horse with someone leading him and a side walker on each side, or it may mean an adult having a private lesson on a horse who they are riding all by themselves. Some of the participants choose not to ride at all, they prefer to groom and lead horses, even show in-hand. Regardless of the participant's individual capabilities, they are allowed to explore, learn and find what makes them happy in the barn, even if that means bonding with a cat who happens to wander by. After all, LifeHorse is about finding something to LIVE for, not just about a horse. The support of individuals and corporations make the program possible, it is through donations, child sponsorships, horse sponsorships and grants that the program exists.

​As a result of lessons, poise, posture, strength, and flexibility improve. Classes, horse shows, and events encourage self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment as new levels of expertise and self challenges are met.

How Can You Help?

There are MANY ways you can help LifeHorse!
· Sponsor a banner  for a year $200
· Sponsor a horse for a year $3,600
· Sponsor a child for a year $2,080
· Sponsor a child for a session $320
· Half-sponsor a horse for a year $ 1,800
· Half-sponsor a child for a year $1,040
· Half-sponsor a child for a session $160
· Scheduled monthly donations
· One-time donations
· Volunteer to work with the kids and